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Empowering Students to Thrive

The Learning Center at Oaks Christian School is a hub of learning resources to serve our diverse community. We help students develop the skills, growth mindset, and creativity needed to achieve their goals. Our team is committed to facilitating the learning experience through personalized tutoring, coaching, mentoring and other learning resources for both OCS and non-OCS students.

Since 2012, the Learning Center has been connecting with and empowering students to thrive. We have been on the cutting edge of new and creative ways to keep students engaged in learning, before and during the recent COVID-19 scenarios.

Available to students in kindergarten through college, the OC Learning Center is a unique resource located in Westlake Village on the Oaks Christian School campus.

Empower Student to Thrive
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Who We Serve

Available to the entire community

Our academic services are available to ALL students, whether they are enrolled at Oaks Christian School or at another school. We serve kindergarten through college students attending both public and private schools, homeschools, online and hybrid schools.

We provide personalized tutoring, coaching, mentoring and other learning resources to students and families in the Conejo Valley, Oak Park, Las Virgenes, Los Angeles County, and Ventura County. With distance learning educational technology, we can connect with students throughout the United States and in other countries, including China. 

Appointments are available before, during, and after school hours, including evenings and weekends. Sessions with our academic coaches can be conducted in person, or online for your convenience.

While our academic coaches serve from a Christian worldview, we welcome students and families from ALL backgrounds and faiths.

What We Offer

From subject specific tutoring, SAT/ACT test prep, executive function coaching, educational testing and consulting, we offer services that will empower learners to thrive.

Beyond striving to ensure that students understand the content in the courses they are taking, our academic coaches:

  • foster critical thinking skills
  • facilitate the acquisition of life-long learning skills
  • help students develop problem-solving strategies
  • inspire students to grow in self-reliance

Our overall tutoring philosophy is based on two principles:

  • active student learning
  • a supportive and collaborative environment
Wide Offerings


Why We are Different

The difference between the Learning Center and other like services can be summarized by core values which
coincide with the school’s vision for our students:

Our academic coaches are tested for mastery in their specific subjects and continue with their professional development as instructors and coaches throughout the year. It is not enough to know all the content – our tutors must be able to relate and connect with students in order to help them gain mastery.

Success depends on more than academic achievement; the whole person matters. Our academic coaches are compassionate, active listeners who deeply care about the well-being of our students and our community.

Students are exhorted to embrace concepts such as academic integrity, effort, discipline, perseverance, and taking accountability for their own learning. These qualities are continuously modeled for our students.