The Learning Center Difference

There are many advantages to having an Oaks Christian School academic tutor tutor your student. Not only is the Learning Center conveniently located on the Oaks Christian School campus, the Learning Center academic tutors are trained in the Oaks Christian School curriculum; they understand the rigor of the program and the expectations of the teachers.

All our academic tutors are adult, college educated tutors with training and expertise in their subject area. As employees of Oaks Christian School, each staff member goes through a rigorous interview and background check procedure to meet the school’s high standards. These professionals continue to receive regular professional development and training to hone their skills and apply them in real time. Our academic tutors personalize their approach to meet your student’s needs and learning style, guiding them through the course content and coaching them on strategies that will help them be successful.

As a part of Oaks Christian School, our staff has the unique advantage of being able to stay up to date on what is going on in your student’s classroom. We collaborate with teachers, administration and tutors, always in the best interests of our students.

Our tutors know that there is a lot more to academic success than just learning school material. Building relationships with our students and helping them to build competence and confidence requires more than just reviewing content. Relationships are built so that students can trust the process and feel safe and encouraged to try new things. Motivation, persistence, self-advocacy, practice, and failure are all considered important parts of the learning process. We approach the student holistically, understanding that each student has unique strengths and challenges, and we come alongside them to help them chart a pathway to success.

We believe that communication increases the probability of success. Each one-on-one tutoring session is followed up by a “Tutor Report” email to the parent, which summarizes the material or topics covered during the session. We also coach students on how to communicate appropriately with teachers.

The Learning Center offers several programs designed specifically for the Oaks Christian middle school or high school student. These programs help the student make productive use of the time they are spending on campus during school hours.

The Learning Center is located on the Oaks Christian School campus. Our building is a convenient, secure location just a short walk from the high school and the OCS Residential Boarding School. Appointments can be made during the school day, during an open period, or after school, without the need for added transportation arrangements. While most sessions are conducted in person, remote sessions can also be scheduled.

For after school middle school appointments on campus, our tutors come right over to the middle school campus to meet your student.

All campus safety and sanitation procedures are in place at the Learning Center site, including any current COVID-19 protocols.