Your Pathway to Success:

The Flagship Programs at the OC Learning Center​

The Middle School Academic training program is designed to address the specific needs of each student during scheduled periods in the student’s school day.

Program participants are assigned to an academic coach who will work with the student throughout the semester and provide regular progress updates to parents. Middle school coaches guide students through course content, use the MAP assessment tools to inform instruction, and coach students on executive function skills.

Meetings occur on site at the middle school and are scheduled during the school day as part of the student’s weekly schedule.

The Academic Seminar course is intended to support students by improving foundational learning skills. The curriculum is designed toward developing life-long learners and building academic skills including executive functioning and academic support. This course’s philosophy is to empower students. Students with accommodations who have executive functioning weakness according to their psychoeducational/neuropsychological evaluation will be invited to enroll in this course prior to any other students. The class will have around a 10:2 ratio (10 students: 2 instructors). Each instructor will mentor 5 students by tracking their grades, time management, organizations, etc. It will be a typical class on a student’s schedule as their 7th class. Students enrolled in Academic Seminar are also encouraged to come to the Learning Center for tutoring throughout the week. Students with a C- or below in any of their core classes are expected to come to the Learning Center for additional tutoring.

The High School offers free tutoring during the school day. During open periods, students can work with academic coaches in a small group setting to receive help with course content, assignments, or study skills. Students on academic probation may be required to come to tutoring. For many students, the Learning Center is a safe, comfortable place that they look forward to coming to, a productive space to work, surrounded by encouraging mentors and knowledgeable tutors.

Appointments are available before, during, and after school including evenings and weekends, at our location, or online via remote app. Our professional tutors will guide and coach your student through the course content as he or she works towards mastery. Subjects include English, history, math, science, and foreign languages. We tutor honors and AP levels in most subjects.

ACT and SAT scores have become indispensable components of the college application process. At the Learning Center, we recognize the importance of preparing for these exams early and effectively so that students may confidently demonstrate their academic strengths and potential.

We help build and refine core academic skills through personalized sessions targeting specific areas of weakness. Students receive coaching on test taking strategies to employ on standardized tests. We also provide multiple full-length practice exams so students can develop the timing and stamina they need for test day. Our staff is excited to help your student build the confidence they need to excel on the ACT or SAT in order to achieve their college admission goals.

Our executive function coaches approach learning from a holistic perspective. Our trained coaches teach students how to navigate through the complex job of being an organized, self-reliant learner. The executive function coach fosters a nurturing, supportive relationship with students so that they can:

  • Build self-confidence
  • Advocate for themselves
  • Develop accountability
  • Learn study skills and time management
  • Become independent, lifelong learners
  • Create test taking strategies
  • Set and achieve goals

Finding help when your student is struggling can be overwhelming. The Learning Center is dedicated to partnering with you to begin addressing your concerns. We offer a safe and nurturing environment in which students are an integral part of the assessment process. The goal is to help everyone realize a student’s potential by better understanding their needs.

Our licensed experts use personalized, cutting-edge assessments to identify your student’s unique needs. Employing a holistic approach, examinations are designed to increase student engagement in order to obtain the most accurate results.

Students needing additional support to complete any online courses they may be taking can receive expert guidance and encouragement from an OC Learning Center academic coach. Our staff can help your student navigate the online course through to its conclusion.

The Learning Center uses NWEA© MAP Growth assessment, a data-based, standards-aligned methodology, to provide an accurate measurement of academic growth in math, reading, language usage, and science. The assessment allows us to identify strengths and areas that need reinforcement, or areas of “unfinished learning.” We use the results of the assessment to set realistic goals, customize a learning plan, and help target instruction for each student that focuses on building up those skills.